Two songs mixed in one day

Learn how to get depthpunch, clarity,
and character in your mixes...

...all from your DAW

your shortcut to the perfect mix

Hosted at London’s newest premium studio complex
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the class

MixDirection is a masterclass seminar where you'll see two songs mixed in one day. Dax Liniere walks you through his mixing process, using compression, equalisation, reverb and saturation to create mixes that best serve the songs.

MixDirection will help you understand how to get punch, depth, clarity and character from your mixes.

Some other seminars deconstruct an existing mix. Instead, seeing mixes being “built from the ground up” means you will have the opportunity to see not only the final choices, but also understand the decisions that led to them.

MixDirection is your shortcut to the perfect mix.

But the learning doesn't stop when the masterclass ends. After you've practiced your new skills, Dax will give you feedback on one mix via email for up to one month.
"A deep understanding of the mixing process teaches you how to solve problems. That's long-lasting knowledge you can apply in any production scenario." - Dax Liniere

about Dax Liniere

Dax Liniere is a multi-award-winning record producer, mixer and mastering engineer who's run Puzzle Factory Sound Studio since 2001. He has worked across a wide range of genres from pop, rock and metal, to electronic, jazz and country.
Dax was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2012, which saw him learn from some of the best names in the industry, including Alan Moulder, Michael Brauer, Joe Chiccarelli and Flood.
Dax has guest lectured at several audio colleges and also penned the series Thinking Outside The Box for AudioTechnology Magazine, on how to get 'that analog sound' in-the-box. In 2017, Dax built and opened London's newest premium studio complex.
To hear Dax's showreel, visit Puzzle Factory Sound Studios

the studios

Puzzle Factory is London's newest premium studio complex, located only 5 miles from central London.
The Tottenham complex was designed by US acoustician Jeff Hedback and features 5 sun-lit studios, live rooms big enough for an entire band and a great selection of the best gear money can buy.
With comfortable & inspiring spaces, Puzzle Factory is the perfect place to create.
In early 2018, acoustic tests confirmed Control Room One is one of the top 2% of mixing/mastering rooms worldwide. It's a room that has to be heard to be believed.


FabFilter makes some of the very best plugins available. Dax loves them and uses them on every single project. From EQ and compression to reverb and delay, FabFilter covers it all with quality, features and intuitive UI.
Sure, you can mix with your DAW's stock plugins, but why not use the best? MixDirection attendees are entitled to a 50% educational discount on the entire range of plugins, including the all-encompassing TotalBundle.

Visit FabFilter to see their range of plugins.
Townsend Labs have been leading the industry in microphone modeling technology since 2015. Their flagship product, the Sphere L22 microphone system, turned heads across the industry even before their Indiegogo campaign exceeded its target by 800%. With its collection of coveted vintage microphone models, the Sphere L22 did not disappoint and has become a top seller at some of the world's biggest pro audio retailers. Sound On Sound even bestowed their prestigious Editors' Choice Award on this game-changing technology.

Visit Townsend Labs to see and hear the Sphere L22 microphone system for yourself.

The learning doesn't stop when the masterclass ends. As you're practicing your new skills, Dax will give you feedback on one mix via email for up to one month to guide you in perfecting your new techniques.


“The most valuable thing I learned was the way Dax taught me to think. It was so important to me because in the real world, when I am working in the studio by myself or with an artist, I can apply the thinking you taught me to the situations that I'm be presented with, and use this to help others get a better result.”

Ryan Kimber
CIT student

“Dax taught me to look past my own musical preferences and to truly focus on what will bring out the best in a mix. His teaching absolutely helped me take my mixing knowledge and abilities to that next level.”

Brett Yates
CIT student

“Dax really helped me think about sound. These improved skills help me to get the best out of projects, for myself as well as my clients. This has translated from my own music, to clients’ albums, to where I am today as the lead for 'Sound Design & Music’ for a game developer.”

Michael Burns
CIT student