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  • Award-winning record producer & mix engineer
  • Over 23 years industry experience in rock, pop, folk, alternative, jazz, hard rock and world music.
  • Creator of mixing masterclass MixDirection
  • Winston Churchill Fellow
  • Dedicated to the song, committed to the sound

Puzzle factory's Reviews

"Dax did mixing and mastering on my last 3 singles and really took them all to the next level. I recorded them all at home, but by using Dax and his unique and fairly astounding knowledge-base he was able to utilise my raw tracks and turn them into something amazing. He really picks up on the intricacies of a mix and advises along the way to ensure that the best result possible comes out for you. Dax truly cares about it, and that's hard to find these days."
- Jordan Millar
"In the time I spent working with Dax, I was incredibly impressed by his enthusiasm and energy for the job. His level of technical knowledge is very high as is his determination to improve. He's very easy to get along with and the mixing work he has done that I have heard sounds great. I enjoyed working with him and think his level of work is very high."
- Alan Moulder (producer/mixer)
"I'm confident there's a whole other society where they're missing one wizard. Dax is a dedicated professional. Any works I send to him, I am always sure he will care about at least as much as I do - typically more. It’s a real relief to be able to work with someone so thorough and considered and to trust that the things I care about are in the safest pair of hands."
- Chris Endrey, PAINTonPAINT
"It has been a great honour working on this album with you.  Just the other day Alex and I were watching the Youtube videos of our recording session and I know I speak for everyone in the band in saying that the week we spent making this album with you was one of the most fun times we have ever had in our lives.  It was such a cool way to make something really special and through the blood, sweat and tears, we have something both sleepmakeswaves and yourself can be really really proud of."
- Jonathan 'Kid' Khor, sleepmakeswaves
"I'd been sitting on my songs for years before finally recording them and sending them off to Dax. Naturally, I was apprehensive and not sure what to expect. But what came back from him was all I could have wanted. Whatever he did, he needs to be doing more of it and for way more people. Thanks Dax."
- Paddy Grierson, Blooming
"We are so pleased with the results and believe we wouldn't have been able to achieve them without Dax."
- Andrew Pearsall, Solkyri
"Having worked with Dax on several projects, I can honestly say he is one of those rare individuals with ears so finely tuned that a perfect mix is guaranteed every time. His knowledge of acoustics, recording, mixing, editing, mastering and music are unsurpassed by anyone I've ever worked with, and the results speak for themselves."
- Jake Lang
"It's rare to find a producer who'll put in such a genuinely monumental effort to maintain the integrity of an album."
- Rowan Cane, Motioner
"Dax was totally on it, but also flexible when we wanted something changed or just needed a break. He has a knack for being encouraging, but knowing when to back off if someone is having a moment."
- Caitlin O'Reilly, Crazy Old Maurice
"Dax is an engineer who is passionate about his craft, lightning fast and always there to give input. Dax indeed became producer of my albums resulting in a collaboration and energy that you just can not put a price on. So take heed if you want to give your project the best."

- John Moran, The CorpEration
"Dax is a wizard with music, he did the mastering for my 3 track EP. My songs are melancholy and were recorded live with just 2 microphones with a few extra live recorded instrument tracks in the background. Dax managed to get the sound consistent, he made sure the tracks sounded natural and enhanced my vocal strength. Definitely check out his work if you want a high quality production and mastering service!"
- Kim Yang
"It has been and continues to be a pleasure working with Dax and Puzzle Factory. For starters, the studio is an excellent space. Every little detail has been fine-tuned to create a wonderful atmosphere. The tracking rooms are perfect, and there are more than enough microphone options. The main control room is also excellent. As far as the service provided, Dax is one of the most, if not the most professional engineer / producer I've ever worked with. He knows what he's doing and it shows. Also he has an extremely keen ear. All in all, this studio is highly recommended. 5 stars!"
- Rishi Arora, WESAYYES
"Dax is an extraordinarily professional mastering engineer who knew exactly what to do with my rather strange record! I have used Dax both in Australia and in the UK where he is now based, and can recommend him highly to customers in both markets."
- Adam Cook
"We had the honour of being the first band to record in Dax's new London studio and it was an absolute pleasure and remarkable experience! We did a fair amount of research on recording options in London in the lead up to recording our first LP and electing to go with Dax was definitely a good decision. Dax is the true definition of a professional - dedicated to his craft (which he knows inside out), never sacrifices quality, is meticulous in ensuring things go well, extremely knowledgeable, provides creative input and a fresh perspective, is passionate, attentive and energised, motivating, provides direction, and fosters a collaborative and supportive environment." (1/2)
- Daniel Pye, Neuromantics
"Dax, Nico, and Alberto were all great to work with and they are all great people who made us feel welcome. Whilst we started as relative strangers we all finished as friends. The studio itself is also amazing with a great atmosphere, fantastic equipment, and all the amenities needed. It really is a super spot to make music and Dax has done a remarkable job bringing the studio into existence! We are super happy with the final results of the album (which Dax also mixed). Our first song has been released and received positive reviews to date and we are excited to release the rest of the record soon. Definitely recommend Puzzle Factory!"
- Daniel Pye, Neuromantics
"Had an absolutely incredible day recording with Dax at the Puzzle Factory. His professionalism and attention to detail was inspiring and really brought the best possible performances out of the band. He made us feel relaxed and was passionate about the task at hand, and despite recording a song which had a complicated structure with many time signature and tempo changes, he saw it through to the end without us ever feeling under pressure. As soon as you’re under way you can tell how much of an expert he is at the craft of recording, knowing what the best methods are to capture the sound you want from specific instruments." 1/2
- Balthazar Mattar, Hi-iD
"He obviously has a vast amount of knowledge and this proved invaluable to us when in the recording studio. Also he has a very creative ear. At times when we felt a little stumped, he offered ideas (very modestly, I might add) which transformed sections and got us back on track so to speak. I really cannot recommend Puzzle Factory enough! It’s certainly the best experience I’ve ever had in a recording studio and I’ve been around a few. Professional, inspiring and a lot of fun... Very very very good" 2/2
- Balthazar Mattar, Hi-iD
"Dax and Nico were awesome. Very attentive, friendly and extremely supportive. The session was very intensive but it actually felt smooth thanks to their professional attitude. He shared valuable ideas and tricks to obtain top-notch sound and solved any issue quickly and efficiently. The studio, other than being creatively furnished, was a wonderful space and I completely felt at ease and comfortable. Thanks to all these factors I, and the other band members, have been able to give our best on the takes which is the most important thing when recording."
- Federico Pezzatini, Underwave
"Having maintained close correspondence with Dax throughout the production and mixing process of my first full length album, it was evident what a passionate, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated producer/engineer he is. Rarely in my 8 years in the music industry have I heard of or experienced a music producer who has genuinely put in such a monumental effort to maintain the integrity of an album. This dedication to the record continues well beyond the album's completion by means of liaising with record labels, A&R representatives, radio stations and more." 1/2
- Rowan Cane, Motioner
"Across the mixing period, Dax’s tonal, rhythmic and timbral awareness not only ensured the artistic direction was preserved but raised the sonic foundations well beyond expectations. I would recommend any artist looking for world class production to enlist Dax’s skill set of acoustic wizardry." 2/2
- Rowan Cane, Motioner
"A highlight of working with Dax was how he catered to our individual personalities and egos, making us feel relaxed, energised, or angry as needed for the music. Once the performance was captured, it was awesome to see how quickly he worked to make changes and bring it all together so that before we left the studio we had a great idea of how it was going to sound. Best recording experience so far."
- David Costello, Knights
"After a long, challenging day, we listened back to our track and we had so many feelings rushing through our minds. Working with Dax was vital to finalising our piece of music, as without his expertise, great attention to detail and thought-provoking ideas, our song could have sounded completely different! The recording studio itself is fascinating. It’s carefully planned out and there’s a great ‘puzzle’ theme throughout the design of the space. It’s a comfortable studio to work in, and all the gear is extremely high quality, which is audible in the recordings. Overall, Dax was a pleasure to work with & we love our finished product."
- Alex Walker, Underwave
"Detail, efficiency, psychology and a very positive experience for all. The way you were able to bring out the character of a singer's phrases in such detail, thank you!"

- Helen Way



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