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Many UK recording studios don't include VAT or a producer/engineer in their rates.

Puzzle Factory is different. We're even 100% carbon neutral.🌱

We also offer deep discounts on recording for emerging and independent artists. Contact us for a quote today.
Ribbon Discount for Independents





Per day

  • Recorded by Producer/engineer Dax Liniere
  • in the spacious and vibey Control Room 2
    and sun-lit Live Rooms A & B
    in a comfortable 8 hour day.
  • See equipment list
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  • or
    349 - 5 hour session
  • or
    164 - 2 hour session (minimum booking)
  • ★ No hidden charges ★ No VAT to pay ★





  • Mixed by Producer/engineer Dax Liniere
  • with the latest processing and room acoustics that place Control Room One in the top 2% worldwide.
  • Punch, clarity, depth, and character
  • Unlimited track count
  • Unlimited revisions
    (subject to schedule)
  • 55/hr or 399 for a 10 hour Block.
    Unused Block time cheerfully refunded upon request.
  • Rate also applies to editing, tuning, and restoration.
  • ★ No hidden charges ★ No VAT to pay ★




Per mix

  • Your mixes mastered to a commercial level
  • Includes DDP (for CD replication)
  • Additional deliverables (vinyl, etc.) +39 each
  • MixDirection +20
    Dax will review your track and provide multiple rounds of detailed feedback on how to improve your mix.
  • (25 fee if mix is changed after mastering commences.)
  • ★ No hidden charges ★ No VAT to pay ★




PER 10 hour DAY

  • Hire Control Room 2
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  • Live Room A
  • Live Room B
  • All equipment
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  • Assistant to your engineer
  • 249/half-day
  • ★ No hidden charges ★ No VAT to pay ★
Credit cards are accepted with no fees for in-person payments.
*Projects are charged in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). Pricing in other currencies is indicative only and subject to exchange rate. Please confirm with the studio.
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Manage your project

Puzzle Factory Sound Studios use Stacktune to make your mixing or mastering experience smoother and easier. Managing the different versions of your mixes and masters is simple and straight-forward, and Stacktune keeps all of those files in one place. You can quickly and easily make comments on the files we send you and with accurate time-stamps it's clear which part we're talking about.

Stacktune access is provided completely free-of-charge with your booking.