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Control Room 2 mixing console rack equipment
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Control Room 2
Retro microphone locker

Control Room Two is our main recording studio, the best of vintage and modern. It sounds great thanks to the vintage Soundcraft 8000 analogue recording console, wide range of boutique preamps & microphones, and our full-range Duntech Marquis main monitors. At 4.7 x 4.5 metres it's spacious enough for several musicians with perfect line-of-sight into Live Room A maintained all the way through to Live Room B. The retro stylings create a comfortable, creative working environment.

Live Room A is our main recording space and at 5.5 x 4.7 metres, it's big enough for an entire band or small ensemble. As with all our studios, it's filled with abundant natural light and has a comfortable, modern aesthetic. The variable acoustic system designed & built by Dax allows the sound of the room to morph, to suit anything being recorded.

At 3.0 x 2.7 metres, Live Room B can easily accommodate a large drum kit or a few guitar amps. It also features a variable acoustics system to tailor the tone of the room.

The Puzzle Factory studio complex is very close to public transport, shops, cafes, Markfield Park and the River Lea canal - the perfect place for a break. We also have a lounge and kitchenette complete with a primo DeLonghi coffee machine for the freshest brew!

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Control Room 2 is also available to dry hire on day rate.

For a list of our equipment, follow this link.

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