These terms and conditions are subject to change, but correct at 2/10/2023. They are in addition to the terms and conditions of any promotion.


Client: Individual or all group members engaging the studio and persons brought to the studio by the Client.
Studio: Company owning the facility (premises and equipment) which, unless otherwise stated, is Puzzle Factory Ltd.
Staff: Authorised representative of the Studio, the person operating the Studio's facilities on the Studio's behalf.

These terms and conditions must be accepted before any work will be undertaken. The obligations will apply to all future projects where new terms and conditions are not issued.
It is the Client's responsibility to ensure everyone attending is aware of the relevant terms and conditions.

Charges will begin at the start of the time booked – Please don't be late. Sessions usually start at 10am unless otherwise organised.

Charges will be due for the total time booked plus any excess time. (see below)

Where a venue is being hired for a session (i.e. outside Puzzle Factory Sound Studios, London), the Studio will happily assist in organisation, but it is the sole responsibility of the Client.

It is a non-smoking environment inside the studio. If a venue or location is hired or supplied by the Client, in compliance with UK Public Health Laws, smoking is not permitted inside the venue or location on days when Puzzle Factory staff are present.

If you have epilepsy or other medical conditions, it is recommended that you inform the Staff. Strobe tuners are used for accurate tuning of instruments and there is a small risk they can induce seizures in people with epilepsy.

The Client agrees to pay all charges and fees promptly.

The Client is required to pay a deposit to confirm a booking.

Terms of payment: 35% deposit to confirm booking, with balance required at end of booked recording time.

Total Payment must be received before any material is released. This is unconditional.
Total Payment includes charges for booked time, any excess time and any goods or additional services provided by the studio, plus any damage.

Puzzle Factory understands and agrees that any material created by the Client is intellectual property belonging to the Client. The Mechanical Rights/Sound Recording Rights are the property of the Studio, until Total Payment is received, at which point the rights are transferred to the Client wholly and irrevocably.
Mechanical Rights/Sound Recording Rights refer to the copyright in a recording as distinguished from the copyright in a song.

If The Studio chooses not to exercise any of its rights, held in these terms and conditions or common law, that decision will not limit the effectiveness of any other part of these terms and conditions.

If a session runs longer than the time booked, the Staff will endeavour to inform the Client that additional charges greater than those booked will be due as part of the Total Payment. An approximation of additional charges will be indicated to the Client, where possible.

At this time, the Client can choose to end the session or continue. This will be a legally binding verbal agreement made between the Client and the Staff and will be considered as unconditional acceptance that continuation will incur additional charges. Of course, the Client is entitled to cease the session at any time after that.

Any loss of time due to technical fault(s) with the Client's equipment will be the responsibility of the Client.

Any loss of time due to technical faults with the Studio's equipment will be the responsibility of the Studio unless the fault(s) are caused by the Client.

If damage is incurred to any part of the Studio's facilities or equipment as a fault or negligence of the Client or persons brought to the studio by the Client, the Client will be billed for replacement or repair of the damaged article. This choice will be at the discretion of the Studio and all incurred charges will be due as part of the Total Payment.

In the event of cancellation, written notice must be given at least fourteen (14) days before the booked session. If notice is not given fourteen (14) days before the booked session, then a fee will be charged. This fee is £200 per day cancelled. A fee may be due for alteration to the time, date or location of a session, but we will try to accommodate if possible. The booking deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation fees and goods charges are due within seven (7) days of the cancellation, except as stated below.

The Studio reserves the right to temporarily or permanently cease a session at the Staff's discretion. Though very rare, this decision is not negotiable and is generally reserved for situations of violence or abuse of property or person, or illegal activity.

If the session is permanently ceased and deemed by the Studio to be caused by the Client, it will be regarded as a cancellation and standard cancellation fees of £200 per booked day will be due along with any unpaid time plus the cost to rectify any damages. Under these circumstances, payment is required within 24 hours or legal action will be sought.

Any goods or services purchased or hired specifically for the Client will be charged at the total cost of the goods or services plus delivery, if applicable.

Correct credits must be noted on all releases, digital and physical. Please confirm with the Studio, but in most cases it will be as follows:
Produced/Mixed by Dax Liniere at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios, London
Co-writer/performer/assistant credits will be required as applicable.

Project files will be stored for 30 days from completion, release, or abandonment, whichever is earliest. A project will be considered abandoned if there is no contact with the Studio for 30 days.

Payment of a deposit to book studio time is considered an acceptance of these terms and conditions.